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T/O/S 3

T/O/S is a proven, performance-based panel system that set the benchmark for flexibility and efficiency in office furniture planning.

T/O/S provides significantly lower cost of change within the office environment, allowing users to realize reduced ownership costs over the life of the product. Highly competitive at purchase, T/O/S provides an excellent return on investment.

T/O/S supports long-range facilities plans by providing key attributes:

Modularity - Modular components that support on- and off-module planning make it possible to plan a workspace that fits individual and organizational needs.

Reconfigurability - T/O/S can be installed and reconfigured quickly and easily.

Strength and Durability - T/O/S is designed and engineered to ensure product integrity and longevity.

Product Integration -T/O/S works with other Teknion product lines to expand planning possibilities.

Data/Power Management - T/O/S offers high cable cap

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