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GL-402 2Dr.($2,457) GL-403 3Dr. ($2,879)


Gardex Fire-resistant Lateral Files GL 404

Gardex Industries has shown, with the Lateral style, that a filing cabinet can be elegant as well as secure. All 2, 3 or 4 drawer Gardex Industries, fire-resistant, lateral filing cabinets come equipped with the gang lock, selective locking system, suspension system and our own 3-arm SwayGard syste to minimize torque. We also offer an optional caster base and individual key locks or combination locks, on one or more individual drawers.

  • All drawers come equipped with integral rails for left to right filing of documents. Cross rails for back to front filing are available at no extra charge.
  • Optional Equipment: A series of optional equipment is offered for easy filing of all document sizes. Interior cross tray, to be set on inside drawer. This device permits the filing of cheques and cards of various dimensions. Factory-installed drawer-in-a-drawer, with its own suspension system. Optional card-file inserts allow it to accomodate cards, fiches, cheques and/or cross trays.
  • Drawer dividers: These dividers permit filing of 12.5 x 17.5 cm (5" x 7") or 10 x 12.5 cm (4" x 5") cards. Also available in half drawers.
  • Gardex filing cabinets have been tested in ambient temperatures reaching 927 deg. C (1700 deg. F) for a full one-hour period. Interior temperatures remained safely below 177 deg. C (350 deg. F), U.L. LISTED 1 hour fire label.
  • All Gardex Industries filing cabinets are available in either beige or black, and with a choice of 2, 3, or 4 drawers. A gang lock secures all drawers and each drawer can be equipped with its own optional combination and/or key lock.

4 drawer - 23 1/2"d x 38 3/4"w x 55"h inches

$3,299 (4 Dr.)