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Philanthropic Efforts

"Coopers is dedicated to playing a role in building a better society. As part of our corporate social responsibility program, we provide office furniture to all charities and not-for-profits at wholesale pricing."


In addition, as part of our philanthropic pursuits, we sponsor "Stuff Canada", which provides significant goods to those in need. Please visit our web site to learn more about our charitable efforts at

Imagine Canada


Coopers Office Furniture is a proud member of Imagine.


Imagine was founded in 1988 to challenge Canadians to tackle problems and issues facing our communities and to find ways to increase support to the voluntary organizations and networks that are at the core of our society.


It is Canada's National program to promote public and corporate giving awareness, volunteering and support of the community where:



Supporting Today's Underprivileged For the Future


STUFF is an initiative started by David Cooper of Coopers Office Furniture in 1999 in an effort to do something for the community.


Exerpts from: The Toronto Star -- Tuesday, December 7, 1999

By Jim Coyle

"It began by Coopers providing office furniture to registered not-for-profit charities. Through this David Cooper began to collect wish lists of what they needed; through business contacts, he learned what was available. And STUFF was born to act as broker. No money changes hands, but lots of merchandise now does - shoes, clothes, computers, office furniture, toiletries, appliances."

Most of this has spread by word of mouth. Now Cooper gets about five calls a day from companies looking to donate goods or services. -- "The alliances that we're making are businesses, but we're going to start going after whole sectors, possibly creating virtual inventories, getting businesses to discover who the not-for-profit businesses are".


For more information on STUFF, or how to participate visit us at our web site.