For decades, rooftop solar installations have become even more popular. However, we still see instances where the installer didn’t consider or know the roof’s condition, leading to several problems in the future. To prevent such problems to happen, here are some of them: 

Treating the rooftop like a construction site 

A great roofing system is durable. However, they all have their share of limitations. A solar installer can possibly drag panels and racks all over the roof or easily drop tools without considering the roof’s membrane or shingles that can easily result in penetrations. When you fail to clean-up the debris, they can possibly clog your drains and may result in other types of problems. To prevent this from happening, you need to guarantee that the solar installer from Richardson Solar Panels knows the nuances and the needs of your roofing system.  

Interrupting the water flow 

Your roofing system is intended to shed water away from the building and from the rooftop. However, if the solar panels will be installed without taking this into account, wiring and racks usually obstruct the water flow, keeping it from properly draining. Even water can be forced upward, which typically causes a leak. Moreover, ballast material can clog and escape drains as well. Fixing a roof could be a lot more challenging if solar panels are installed. Hence, it would be best to guarantee that such problems will be addressed as soon as possible.  

Installing roofing array that’s not suited for solar 

A roof should give just the right conditions for your solar panels to do well. For instance, panels must be oriented toward the West or the South to obtain the most amount of sun. Generally, they function best in cooler environments, which makes a cool membrane the best roofing. The majority of roofs aren’t intended to endure and help the foot traffic or the solar array’s weight introduced by maintenance and installation. Most commonly, a lot of penetrations will be done into the roof to install the solar panels, which can possibly be in contrast with the suggestions for a lot of roofing systems. So, you need to guarantee that your roof is totally compatible and suited to solar. To achieve this, you have to plan this in advance.  

Installing new panels over an old roofing 

Basically, roof life and the array’s life needs to be almost similar. Your solar panels can possibly produce power for 20 years, and your power purchase agreement or financing can last just along. Getting such an installed system on a roof that just has nearly 10 good years left is asking for issues. A lot of roofing systems like cool roofing membrane or metal roof can last at least or over 20 years are greatly appropriate for supporting a solar array. 

Looking for the best roofing company won’t be that hard anymore because we are here to assist you with any roofing problems you have. If you want to avail of our roofing services, let us know right away.