1. Lifespan 

When it comes to lasting longer concrete is on top of the game. In comparison to an asphalt’s lifespan, concrete is more long lasting by 50 to 60 percent. If you think that since concrete lasts longer, you will pay a lot more upfront, you are definitely doing your math wrong. Compared to asphalt, concrete is much more affordable upfront, moreover, concrete also needs lesser costs with maintenance compared to asphalt.  

 2. Beauty 

When it comes to aesthetic more color doesn’t always mean pretty, sometimes a good classic gray surface matches the surrounding greens better. However, if you are someone who prefers your walkways or sidewalks with more color, then you won’t have a problem as well. Concrete can be colored to your choice and gives you various options on how to make it more appealing and creative.  

3. Heat and Light 

Compared to asphalt, concrete absorbs lesser amount of UV radiation. You can test it out through walking on both surfaces when it’s sunny outside and compare the feel on your feet. Morever, when it comes to reflecting light, concrete also does a pretty good job. If you want more lighting, having concrete surfaces reduces the need to have more lights installed because it gets the job done.  

4. Capacity 

When it comes to a concrete’s capacity to handle loads or weights, it does an excellent job. Concrete is a much more rigid body compared to asphalt thus if you are concerned about the load of your car for your driveway, then you don’t have to worry if you are using concrete.  

5. Maintenance 

Asphalt binder can begin to dry out as early after it has been installed in your driveway thus you need to counter the process by investing in seal coating every now and then. When it comes to concrete you won’t have to do that. Concrete is rigid and durable and can last 50 to 60 percent more times than an asphalt driveway can.  

6. Surface Characteristic 

Asphalt has been known to release oils that can get on the soles of your shoes thus giving you a problem of oily floors at home. If you invest on a concrete surface for your driveway you won’t have the same problem because concrete does not have this characteristic unlike asphalt.  

7. Environment 

If we talk about the energy we need to install concrete and ways to produce concrete from scratch, it requires far less energy compared to making asphalt and putting asphalt as your driveway thus it is far more friendly to the environment.  

8. Value 

If you ever thought of your home as an investment and maybe want to live in the country side when you grow old, maybe you thought of putting your home on sale when you grow older? Having a concrete driveway entices more buyers than having a driveway with an asphalt surface.  

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